One More

from by Vital Consultant



Can’t bear to think of you alone
So leave the light on, I’m coming home
I’m sorry bout the missed calls
So sorry bout my smokey breath
Not so sure just where I am
I’ll get the nightbus if I can
Spent the evening shouting
Another evening going deaf

Am I talking at you?
Have I annexed the stereo?
There’ll be guilt in the morning
But for now I’ll get the bottle and…

Oh! One drink
A better idea than you might think
I got issues baby
I got a thing to say
Yeah! One more
A nightcap’s all I’m asking for
Don’t make me go to sleep babe
The morning’s hours away

Lost our money on the baize
Short stack, all in, a pair of eights
Caught the old guy bluffing
Still showed a better hand than me
Got my nuts out in the bar
I think this graze is gonna scar
The bouncer wasn’t laughing
This place has had enough of me

I been sleeping on the pavement
I been scratching at the keyhole
There’ll be guilt in the morning
But for now I’ll get the bottle and…

…Your Vital Consultant’s had a big one
And I’m undone
Can’t find a minicab worthy of my custom
You don’t want my business
You don’t want to take me to my mistress and plus one
So I hunt down a falafel with the gay crowd
Do a little flirting, eat my pitta, get the hell out
God help me I’m bursting
It’s time to go home but I’m still a bit thirsty


from Mole (EP), released May 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Vital Consultant London, UK

Vital Consultant is a south London three piece act all about synth mayhem, uptempo dance beats and tight guitar licks. Big choruses, big verses, big drops. Picture a giant whippet and a binary wizard with four arms backing a bearded apocalypse – it’s the direct approach. Whatever the opposite of navel-gazing is, that’s the idea. If they could afford lasers, there would be lots. ... more

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